Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Smelling the Roses...

I am a Shabby Chic girl at heart. I admit it. I totally own my shabby-ness. If it's old or it looks old- I want it. I have often said I was born in the wrong time, but that's for another day... I've wanted to learn to make lovely fabric roses for a while now- I've tinkered with it a bit- but I think I have it figured out. That being said, here are a few new fabulous HEADBANDS I've been playing around with...

I am SO excited about these. I want to wear them. All of them. Probably at the same time. This may prove problematic, since most of these are made for little (even TINY) heads... but still. They're gorgeous. And sorry if that's bragging. But, they are.

I mean, how lovely would this be in one of those darling naked newborn photos? Or attach the flowers to a comb for a fantastic wedding hairpiece? Yeah, I know. Don't those flowers look real?

Or this little cutie with a white dress for a baby blessing/christening/dedication?

See the little pop of veiling underneath?

Of course, it's no secret that I love my feathers...

Want to see them in person?? Check out these new headbands and all the fun, Autumnal, Halloweeny-Goodness at my next Soiree-


My house, Thursday, September 23rd 7-9pm
It's Tallulah Twinkletoes' SECOND birthday, and we're celebrating in STYLE (of COURSE!!)

You don't want to miss it!! This will be my last home show until November- as I will be participating in THIS:

October 20-24th at the Tacoma Dome

Yep. I am officially consumed by preparation. The festival is FIVE days long. That is more than TWICE as long as the longest festival I've done. That means I need lots of STUFF. My little fingers are working as fast as they can to get ready- and my brain is continually processing how to make my booth look Christmassy, and how much stuff I need, who's gonna watch the Jonesies, and all that good stuff. I am SO excited to participate in a real, professional show- and SO overwhelmed... I know it will be fabulous.

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